The KTM X-BOW GTX Full Throttle

This program is for the true motorsports enthusiast. Follow in the footsteps of a professional race car driver and experience a race weekend in an adrenaline-packed, half-day program behind the wheel of a real KTM X-BOW GTX race car. Experience all the steps of a race weekend from the free practice sessions to the long “race-style” session. A professional pit crew, fully dedicated to you, will enhance your unique racing experience.

$364940 Laps

Description of Experience

  • 3 introductory demonstration laps with your instructor
  • 12 driving laps, divided into two 6 lap sessions (Free Practice Sessions)
  • 3 race laps ride-along with your instructor
  • 10 driving laps, divided into two 5 lap sessions (Qualifying Sessions)
  • 12 lap “race-style” driving session (Race Simulation)
  • Video of all sessions
  • 3D Simulator session (up to 12 minutes)
  • Use of racing suit, helmet with intercom and head sock
  • Classroom session in the Dream Racing™ Theater
  • Round trip transportation from Crystals™ at CityCenter + 1 companion
  • Access to Dream Racing™ Lounge + 1 companion
  • Open Coffee Bar, Snacks and Wi-Fi
  • Merit Certificate of The Experience

Step 1 - Registration

When you arrive at Dream Racing, one of our hostesses will greet you and assist you in the registration process. At this time you’ll be asked to show a valid driver license.

Step 2 - Classroom Session

After the registration it’s time for an educational video in our theater. This video gives you a quick lesson of the mechanics of the race car you are about to drive. It also explains how to properly handle the KTM X-BOW GTX using correct driving techniques, as well as safety procedures. An animated motion graphic illustrates the use of the ideal driving lines for each turn of the track.

Step 3 - 3D Simulator Session

The next part of your training will take place in our 3D simulators. Each simulator has been built to specification of the actual Racing KTM X-BOW GTX. The simulator boasts a roll cage, the same racing seat, steering wheel, paddle shift, pedals and dashboard as the real KTM X-BOW GTX. You will train on an exact laser scanned replica of our track, so if you feel a bump in the simulator, the same bump exists out on the track.

Step 4 - Suit Up

Next, enter into our dressing rooms to get suited up in your professional racing suit and helmet for optimal in-car communication with your instructor.

Step 5 - First demonstration session

Your first approach to the track will be with your instructor taking you, as a passenger, around the track for 3 demonstration laps. This important step allows you to understand the dynamics and potential of the car, which is hard to get from the simulated experience.

Step 6 - Free practice sessions

Strap in and start your engine! You are now in control of a real racing KTM and it’s time to hit the track for your first “free practice” session of 6 laps.

After the first 6 lap practice session you’ll return to Pit Lane for a quick break and debriefing with your instructor before hitting the track for your second free practice session. Now that you know the track and are familiar with the car, you’ll be able to start focusing more on the correct driving technique. With the assistance of your instructor, you’ll be more comfortable driving the car closer to the limit.

Step 7 - Second demonstration session

Your instructor will take you for 3 more demonstration laps. Since you have already driven the car, it will be easier for you to understand what he will show you. During these demonstration laps your instructor will also show you the correct approach to a “qualifying style” session. Doing an optimal warm up lap makes all the difference in getting the maximum out of the car.

Step 8 - Qualifying Sessions

It’s time to put your training to the test. The goal of your qualifying sessions is speed, or better yet, your fastest lap time of your experience. In each of your qualifying sessions you will have a total of 5 laps, two laps at full speed, to achieve your fastest lap time.

In racing, qualifying is the expression of maximum speed; no strategy, no long-distance setup required, just a breathtaking, perfectly driven lap. The car will be set-up with minimum fuel, just enough to finish your session without weighing the car down, and optimal tire pressure. Exit the pits and push yourself, and the car, to the limit.

After your first qualifying session you’ll come back to Pit Lane. While your professional pit crew makes any required adjustments, you will stay in the car and use this time to reflect and visualize your last session and plan for your next attempt. Now, head back to the track for your last qualifying session. Will you be able to shave a few tenths off your time?

Step 9 - Race Simulation Session

Following your last qualifying session, take a break in our lounge and review your racing experience thus far with your instructor. With the help of your instructor, now is the time to prepare for the most important part of your experience; the race simulation. No matter how fast you were in qualifying, the race result is what matters the most.

You will find the setup of the car a little different than when you left it. With the need to cover a longer distance your professional pit crew as increased the tire pressures and added additional fuel. The goal of your race simulation is not speed but consistency. Pushing too hard too early will cause the handling of your car to deteriorate to quickly to finish your racing simulation with the speed you desire. Listen to your instructor, as he understands there’s no point in pushing too hard to be a few tenths faster in the beginning of the race only to have the car’s abilities slip away because you have used up all your tires. Smoothness is the key to the race simulation. You’ll be covering 50% of the laps of some real GT Sprint races and you’ll be surprised by how much energy it requires.

Step 10 - Cool off in our Lounge

It’s time to relax after your very intense racing experience. You’ll receive your lap time chart and the analysis of your racing session, along with a special merit certificate, and your on-board videos.

If you have ever raced before, you understand the value of the content included in “The Full Throttle Experience”.

If this will be your first time racing, we promise you will never look at racing the same way again! Now you really know what it means to go racing!

$ 3649 40 Laps