The Ferrari 458 GT

With massive shoes to fill by the the highly successful but departing F430 GT. Ferrari stepped up its game with production of the 458 GT. Starting from scratch, Ferrari outfitted the 458 GT with new brakes, extensive use of carbon fiber and composite parts reducing weight, and the installation of Ferrari's legendary "E Diff" and adjustable race oriented suspension. Ferrari saw immediate success winning the 24 Hours at Le Mans. Once thought only available to professional drivers, or "gentleman" racers, you can now get behind the wheel of ours on our race track. Do not mistake this car for its younger street built sibling!!

F1 technology in a GT body

    – 2.5-liter turbocharged inline 5
    – Max Power: 530 HP @ 6200 rpm
    – Top Speed: 200 mph
    – Acceleration: 0-60mph = 3.0s
    – Torque: 615 NM @ 2500 rpm
    – 6-speed holinger transmission
    – Pirelli PZero racing slick tires
    – Racing Traction control and ABS

How fast is it?

we compared the lap times of these three cars on our 1.2 miles road course

Ferrari F458 GT
4.5 L - 570hp
Ferrari 599
6.0 L - 612hp
Fiat 500
1.4 L - 100hp

Best Lap

+ 11 sec
+ 21 sec