The Ferrari F430 GT Hot Laps

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Put your helmet on, strap on in the passenger seat and let a pro driver show you what the Ferrari GT Racing Car is capable of for 2 exhilarating laps.

$1792 Laps30 mins

Description of Experience

  • 2 laps as a passenger of the Ferrari F430GT with a Pro Instructor Driving
  • Use of helmet with intercom and head sock
  • Access to Dream Racing™ Lounge
  • Open Coffee Bar, Snacks and Wi-Fi

This package does not include the classroom and simulator session as well as no transportation  is provided. Total time is about 30 min.

Step One - Registration

When you arrive at Dream Racing, one of our hostesses will greet you and assist you in the registration process.

Step Two - The Hot Lap Experience

Buckle in and hold on for the time of your life. You will be the passenger for two amazing laps around the track driven by a professional instructor who has the skill, knowledge and lack of fear that you wish you had.

Step Three - Cool off in our Lounge

After the adrenaline subsides, relax and unwind in our Dream Racing Lounge with its open coffee bar, selection of snacks, and wi-fi. If you have purchased the onboard video prior to your diving experience you’ll be able to view it at this time in the lounge.

$ 179 2 Laps 30 mins